What is considered a forklift material platform?

Forklift mounted platforms are considered a removable attachment by OSHA standards. Each forklift platform should only be used to transport freight and cannot transport personnel at the same time. Forklift material cages are held to different standards than personnel platforms and OSHA does not technically have regulations in place for them.

How do you know if your forklift material basket is safe?

Each of our forklift-mounted material baskets is held to the highest standards of design, weight testing, and continued safety inspections.

  • Each of our forklift material baskets has a posted serial number, weight of attachment, capacity, or rated capacity of attachment.
  • Our material baskets are capable of supporting their own weight and five times the maximum intended load.
  • Before each use of a material-only basket, your platform should be retested for safety. We provide our forklift platforms with our unique Quick Claw® Safety System for guaranteed safety testing.