Ian Vivero

Regional Sales Manager

About Ian

Originally from the East Coast, Ian Vivero moved to Missoula in 2018 with his family. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and has built a career from an engineer and industrial machine builder to a General Manager in a small Montana business.

His mechanical and electrical design skills led him to start a side business, working on diverse projects, from custom wind instruments to cockpit displays for light aircraft. Ian joined Lifting Technologies in Fall 2023.

In his free time, he loves building and riding motorcycles, traveling the world, and sharing stories with friends over a pint.

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LiftTech's Capabilities

OSHA Compliant Man Baskets for Cranes

Since that time, Lifting Technologies has evolved into a true custom personnel lifting basket manufacturer for all kinds of platforms in addition to the Premier and Professional series featured in our catalog.

OSHA/ANSI Approved Man Baskets for Forklifts

Lifting Technologies is a custom forklift man basket manufacturer. Our forklift platforms are the standard for safety and come with an OSHA/ANSI compliant certification.

Material Platforms for Forklifts & Cranes

Each Lifting Technologies material-only baskets are custom designed for your specific needs. To meet the highest standards of safety, our material baskets include documentation of a full-proof load test.

Custom Design Service and Engineering

Lifting Technologies offers the ability to have CAD fabrication and approval drawings produced for customers with the additional option of having these stamped by a Professional engineer.