Our focus is "Quality and Safety Above All Others."

Each of our work platforms is created with safety, quality, and dependability in mind.
In 1987 OSHA passed new rules about man baskets, and we listened.

Lifting Technologies was the first on the scene with an OSHA-compliant crane-suspended man basket. Our forklift-mounted man baskets followed a few years later, along with the development of the Quick Claw attachment that allows the platform to securely latch to the forks. 

A tragic start turned into a safer future. 

Lifting Technologies' original owner was inspired to create a safe method of lifting personnel with a platform and crane after witnessing safety concerns while he was a manager at a pulp and paper operation. From its start, Lifting Technologies was founded to make worksites safer. We have since grown to be the industry’s reference for safe man and material baskets.

Throughout the years, we have developed unique safety features. 

LT Test Weight System 

The Lifting Technologies test weight system was created in response to OSHA’s new crane personnel lifting rule – 29 CFR Part 1926.550(g), which stipulates that a trial lift/proof test is required each time a crane is moved to a new location. In 2010, this rule was revised again and adopted 29 CFR Part 1926-1431 and currently provides the standard to which we build our man baskets.

By means of simple easy-on/easy-off pins, our system provides an accurate 125% test load with the weight evenly distributed to the platform frame and floor, allowing you to conduct proof tests in a matter of minutes.

Quick Claw® Safety System 

Easily bolted or welded to any slip-on attachment, the Quick Claw® Safety System will secure any lift attachment, quickly, safely, and reliably. 

Built to last and fully guaranteed, the Quick Claw® Safety System offers another layer of security when securing an attachment to a forklift.

Lifting Technologies offers our Quick Claw® Safety System for purchase separately and is a standard feature on our forklift personnel platforms.

We have gathered and implemented the best safety practices to create…

Crane Man Baskets

Every crane man basket model comes with our unique detachable Test Weight System, ensuring maximum quality compliance with OSHA in terms of man basket safety.

Our crane-suspended work platforms come in Premier, Premier (round), Professional, Professional (round), rescue, and custom designs. Order the best crane man basket for your site.

Forklift Man Baskets

Our forklift platforms are the standard for safety and come with an OSHA/ANSI-compliant certification.

Normally, each forklift platform comes with our Quick Claw® Safety System for additional security in the attachment to the forks. There is also an optional pin system for attaching platforms to the fork truck.


Material Platforms

Each Lifting Technologies material-only baskets are custom designed for your specific needs. 

In order to meet the highest standards of safety, our material baskets include documentation of a full-proof load test. Each platform is designed to handle a minimum of three times its maximum recommended load.

How to ensure your man basket is safe according to OSHA standards
  • OSHA requires that all personnel baskets be designed by a qualified engineer.
  • OSHA requires that work platforms be capable of supporting their own weight and five times the maximum intended load.
  • The man basket must clearly indicate load-bearing capacity on the basket.
  • Man baskets must be surrounded by a guard rail.
  • All-access gates on the man basket should open inward and require safety latches.
  • Before each use of a man basket, the work platform should be retested for safety.
  • These are just a few of the requirements for lifting personnel with a crane. For a complete list of platform construction and operational requirements, please refer to our Use and Safety Handbook or to OSHA's website.


Phil Turcotte

I received the platform yesterday and just wanted to let you know I am very impressed with the craftsmanship and design of your product.  I am sure it will give us many years of trouble free service.

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

Christopher S. Belanger

The man basket looks great and I'm sure it will work perfectly for us. I will definitely keep you guys in mind for any specialized man basket needs for the rest of my career! I must say you guys provided an excellent service.

Duke Energy

Chip Atwell Jr

Just wanted to let you know we have the 3 platforms installed and the team love them. Appreciate your help on this.

Okland Construction

Stan Sorenson

On behalf of Okland Construction please congratulate and thank your team for providing superior customer service to our people. I'm impressed with what was accomplished today in repairing the man basket and your overall accommodation to Okland.

New Brunswick Power Corporation - Point Lepreau Generating Station

Adam Johnson

The platform looks very good and was viewed by my supervisor with similar reaction. Thank you for your company's impeccable service and we look forward to future dealings with LTI.

President, Denali Crane Inspection, LLC

Darren Fokers

Lifting Technologies Incorporated's product is darn good. I can't see a thing wrong with them and I have inspected many. It's well built.

Maintenance Supervisor, Orlando CoGen Limited, L.P.

Danny Slade

Appreciate the effort by you and your team. Again let your crew know that they exceeded my expectations for design, function and especially finish!