Steve Jacobs - Portrait

Steve Jacobs

Regional Sales Manager

About Steve

Steve hails from Phoenix, AZ but has spent most of his life in western Montana, attending grade school and high school in the small town of Noxon and the University of Montana in Missoula, earning a B.A. in percussion.

His work in manufacturing production led to a career in manufacturing sales and ultimately to Lifting Technologies, a former customer for which he provided engineered plastics solutions.

Working at Lifting Technologies, Steve takes great pride in providing value and long-term solutions for our customers, and takes to heart our drive to provide quality and safety above all others.

He and his wife have four children, two in college and two in high school. He enjoys spending time with his family, attending the kids’ sports and events, great food, and the pursuit of new micro-brews. Steve loves to hike, hunt, raft, fish, and cut truckloads of firewood.

He stays involved in music and performing arts with his sound and lighting production company providing production for many local and regional events, and writing and performing music.

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OSHA Compliant Man Baskets for Cranes

Since that time, Lifting Technologies has evolved into a true custom personnel lifting basket manufacturer for all kinds of platforms in addition to the Premier and Professional series featured in our catalog.

OSHA/ANSI Approved Man Baskets for Forklifts

Lifting Technologies is a custom forklift man basket manufacturer. Our forklift platforms are the standard for safety and come with an OSHA/ANSI compliant certification.

Material Platforms for Forklifts & Cranes

Each Lifting Technologies material-only baskets are custom designed for your specific needs. To meet the highest standards of safety, our material baskets include documentation of a full-proof load test.

Custom Design Service and Engineering

Lifting Technologies offers the ability to have CAD fabrication and approval drawings produced for customers with the additional option of having these stamped by a Professional engineer.